Monday, August 25, 2008

Bringing Sisqo Back!

Man with all the talk of thongs in my blogospher lately, I feel a little bit like Sisqo up in here!

First there was Emily - who shared her hip dad's reaction to seeing a "Whale Tail." (ever heard it described this way? Me either - butt (sorry) I have to agree.)

Then, today there is Amy sharing the Abstinence love with the Abstinence Thong. Yes, you read that correctly. Abstinence Thong. However I prefer the Stop Thong. Thank you Christian Retailers for always equipping us with the tools needed to "have the right to wear white" and to "let our guy know just how far he's allowed to go."


Loren Eaton said...

Oh, man, watch out for those puns, Matt.

Jack and Lexi's Mom said...

I delivered children conceived with a thong in place. I don't see how that bit of fabric places any kind of damper on the situation! Indeed, if he knows what your underpants look like he has perhaps already "gone too far".
You, cousin, are safely married to a great girl! As long as it is for procreation, you have every right to know what kind of underpants she is wearing.

Justmatt said...

Loren - the quoted puns came straight from the sellers description at cafe press...

Jennifer - Thanks! I'll let her know you said so : )