Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a Quickie...

..about tonight's episode of LOST: (highlight to read)

I just read over on Doc Jensen's post at EW the following:

It promises to be a dynamite chapter in the unfolding Lost saga, according to executive producer Damon Lindelof:
''Yes, you'll find out a lot about Michael. But you'll ALSO learn why bearded Jack was unable to jump. AND where the Others are holed up. AND, according to those silly promos, apparently someone dies, too.''

So - upon reading this and only this part of the article - he is my latest stab at a LOST question:
Who was in the coffin? - MICHAEL
Why I think this - b/c they are going to address why bearded Jack couldn't jump in his flash forward and they are doing it during a Michael-centric episode... so putting 2 and 2 together - no one was a the funeral b/c they didn't like him b/c he sold them out on the island. Plus - wasn't Michael from NY - which is where the obit said the person was from...

That is all - enjoy the show. I am sure I will be back tomorrow with more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fair Trade Coffee

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From the 963 site:

Americans consume more coffee than any other nation. On average, 108 million people in the U.S. drink coffee every day, consuming 2.3 billion pounds a year. Behind oil, coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world. However, the trade system does not work in favor of developing countries; unlike the oil industry, coffee producers live in extreme poverty, bringing in an average of only $500 per year. For every American coffee drinker, there is one worker elsewhere in the world who depends on coffee for their day-to-day survival. Read More.

Hat tip to Amy

Friday, March 14, 2008

The List is Complete

[UPDATE at the Bottom of the Highlight to read part]

In order to respect those of you readers (Loren) who wait until DVD to watch a season - please highlight to read.

Observations and Questions from "Ji Yeon":

Michael is going by Kevin Johnson on the Freighter – What is the relevance of this name?
Here are some anagrams:

Knives John On
Knives John No
Ken John Vinos
Ken Johns Vino
Kens John Vino
Ovens John Ink
Ovens John Kin
Oven John Sink
Oven John Skin
Oven John Inks
Oven Johns Ink
Oven Johns Kin

Sun is a member of the Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, Sun)

The Date of Death on Jin's tombstone is September 22, 2004 – the date of the crash – so is Jin REALLY dead or just left on the island?

The Captain says that the wreckage of Flight 815 found in the ocean trench was staged by Ben. Is this true? If not – who staged it? Whose bodies were those in the plane?

I just read Doc Jensen's thoughts over at
EW and he had a couple REALLY good ones I wanted to share here:

  • Actor Harold Perrineau isn't playing Michael but rather a grown-up version of Walt. - When I look back at his hair in this episode it is very Waltish - not like Michael's - Very interesting. I had heard the Michael IS Walt theory (which is rubbish) but I dig this one.
  • Why did Regina kill herself? Because she was inconsolable over the death of her lover — the late, Locke-knifed Brit Naomi. Remember the inscription on her bracelet? ''N, I'll always be with you, R.G.'' Yep: I'm thinking Regina is ''R.G.''


Return of the Frog! (and pig, dog, bear, whatever)


According to THIS Variety article, The Muppets are on their way back to the Big Screen thanks in part to Jason Segel - See all the muppets needed was a freak/geek. (if you have no idea what that means go directly to netflix or blockbuster and rent THIS)
Hat tip to Blue Sky Disney

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How Does God Allow Evil?

David Kuo, author of "Tempting Faith" and former Special Assistant to the President in George W. Bush's White House is a great thinker & writer. He blogs today with a great post addressing this age old question. I highly recommend checking it out HERE - then lets discuss in the comments. Ready - GO!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Man on the Boat

SPOILERS AHEAD! [Highlight to read]

In the description for the March 20 episode of Lost titled 'Meet Kevin Johnson,' Yahoo! TV says the following:

Ben knows about an impending attack, so he prompts daughter Alex to escape from Locke's camp. On the freighter, Sayid confronts Ben's spy. Libby: Cynt…
(if you click on the 'more' link following the ... on the Yahoo! page there is no mention of Libby anywhere...weird...)

This points out a few things & Raises some questions (of course!):
1. Sayid is NOT Ben's Spy on the boat
2. Libby is BACK! Is she Ben's Spy?!?!

We know Michael is on the boat as he is listed in the cast for the March 13 episode - I think He is the captain...or the spy. Here is why:

At the end of Season 2 Ben gives Michael some coordinates and tells him that if he follows them precisely that he will find rescue...Notice that he said Rescue NOT land or home, etc. I think Ben knew the Freighter was coming/out there so he sent Michael to it.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Only WMD in Iraq

If you missed this headline yesterday, it is a doozy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lost in Gainesville!


I just read this over at Seth's Blog - It fit nicely with my thoughts so I wanted to post it here:

Posted by Cindy in the comments:

...the “her” Juliet looks like bugged me and then it hit me at the end of the show. Ben’s Mom!!! Yeah, he has totally taken with her, but it is seemingly in a nonsexual way. He is a child on many levels...

So what do you think - Do you agree that they look alike? Juliet vs. Emily Linus

I also think that the Woman in the photo in Ben's House is of Ben's mom.

It is about time Gainesville got some losty love! (If you missed it, Ben made a comment last night referencing mold in the shape of the virgin Mary that was found in Gainesville, Fl)

Here are a few quick thoughts I wanted to get down before I read any reviews/recaps/etc.

Juliette's therapist on the Island makes the comment, "of course he does you look just like her"

- I also believe that the 'her' is Annie - Ben's childhood friend on the island

- I have often wondered what happened to Annie - I now believe that she and Ben were together, she got pregnant and died like every other woman who gets pregnant on the Island.

- Ben brought Juliette to the island to fix this issue & to replace Annie. Thus the reason he thinks she is "his"

Also - Ben's man on the boat - is not Sayid like I first thought - It is MICHAEL.

Your thoughts? Brad?

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Top 5 To the Extreme!

Inspired by Amy's Post on her "Top 5 reasons why I will never be musically relevant" I've decided to post my own top 5 concerts that I have attended. So without further ado - I give you

Just Matt's Top 5 Concerts that you wish you had gone to!
In no particular order

1. Vanilla Ice / Boys II Men / MC Hammer (Yes all in ONE show - you know you are jealous!)
2. Boys II Men / Shai / Another Bad Creation (ABC) -(Need I say more?)

3. Kris Kross (come on you know you liked to wear your close backwards and JUMP! JUMP!)

4. James Brown (gotta give him more than honorable mention here - I mean he IS the Godfather of SOUL!)

5. Did I mention I saw VANILLA FREAKN' ICE?!

That list was so good - I think we need another!

Top 5 Best Concerts Ever!
1. Counting Crows (x 2 or 3 I can't remember) - I don't care if you think they are whiny - Adam Duriz is a great songwriter and performer.

2. Toad the Wet Sprocket / Rusted Root - One word - AWESOME..OK two - ENERGETIC

3. Sister Hazel (x 74 - really - I have been going to their shows since they were playing the patios at Nappy's and Friday's)

4. Third Day (x10 or 12) - I haven't caught up to Amy's numbers - but these guys put on a great show every time.

5. Harry Connick Jr. (x 2) - All around great show

Well there you have it folks. Two for the price of one! Check out these other list inspired by Amy's blog:

And now - it's your turn!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eight Years!

Eight years ago today - in a smallish ceremony in Orlando, FL - I became the luckiest man in the world....

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