Thursday, March 6, 2008

Top 5 To the Extreme!

Inspired by Amy's Post on her "Top 5 reasons why I will never be musically relevant" I've decided to post my own top 5 concerts that I have attended. So without further ado - I give you

Just Matt's Top 5 Concerts that you wish you had gone to!
In no particular order

1. Vanilla Ice / Boys II Men / MC Hammer (Yes all in ONE show - you know you are jealous!)
2. Boys II Men / Shai / Another Bad Creation (ABC) -(Need I say more?)

3. Kris Kross (come on you know you liked to wear your close backwards and JUMP! JUMP!)

4. James Brown (gotta give him more than honorable mention here - I mean he IS the Godfather of SOUL!)

5. Did I mention I saw VANILLA FREAKN' ICE?!

That list was so good - I think we need another!

Top 5 Best Concerts Ever!
1. Counting Crows (x 2 or 3 I can't remember) - I don't care if you think they are whiny - Adam Duriz is a great songwriter and performer.

2. Toad the Wet Sprocket / Rusted Root - One word - AWESOME..OK two - ENERGETIC

3. Sister Hazel (x 74 - really - I have been going to their shows since they were playing the patios at Nappy's and Friday's)

4. Third Day (x10 or 12) - I haven't caught up to Amy's numbers - but these guys put on a great show every time.

5. Harry Connick Jr. (x 2) - All around great show

Well there you have it folks. Two for the price of one! Check out these other list inspired by Amy's blog:

And now - it's your turn!


Amy said...

That's the best photo ever.

Justmatt said...

Yeah it is! It lights up a stange and waxes chumps like a candle

Amy said...

a stange?

Justmatt said...

Yes a Stange - it is a cross between a stage and strange. You know - stange

oh amanda said...

My dh is a CC and Toad fan! I've been to lots of concerts, too...and by far Harry is one of the best!