Friday, March 14, 2008

The List is Complete

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In order to respect those of you readers (Loren) who wait until DVD to watch a season - please highlight to read.

Observations and Questions from "Ji Yeon":

Michael is going by Kevin Johnson on the Freighter – What is the relevance of this name?
Here are some anagrams:

Knives John On
Knives John No
Ken John Vinos
Ken Johns Vino
Kens John Vino
Ovens John Ink
Ovens John Kin
Oven John Sink
Oven John Skin
Oven John Inks
Oven Johns Ink
Oven Johns Kin

Sun is a member of the Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, Sun)

The Date of Death on Jin's tombstone is September 22, 2004 – the date of the crash – so is Jin REALLY dead or just left on the island?

The Captain says that the wreckage of Flight 815 found in the ocean trench was staged by Ben. Is this true? If not – who staged it? Whose bodies were those in the plane?

I just read Doc Jensen's thoughts over at
EW and he had a couple REALLY good ones I wanted to share here:

  • Actor Harold Perrineau isn't playing Michael but rather a grown-up version of Walt. - When I look back at his hair in this episode it is very Waltish - not like Michael's - Very interesting. I had heard the Michael IS Walt theory (which is rubbish) but I dig this one.
  • Why did Regina kill herself? Because she was inconsolable over the death of her lover — the late, Locke-knifed Brit Naomi. Remember the inscription on her bracelet? ''N, I'll always be with you, R.G.'' Yep: I'm thinking Regina is ''R.G.''



Loren Eaton said...

You. Are. Da. Best!

cool dad said...

thoughts i posted elsewhere:

i had a feeling they were throwing us for a loop with the hospital scenes because we knew that there was only 1 member of the Oceanic 6 to be revealed

with hurley flying over, i think it would be before the mental hospital, since he was admitted there by the police and couldn't just leave on his own. interesting that it was just hurley. maybe Jack was too busy with being a doc/celebrity and Kate taking care of Aaron? Sayid is definitely doing his own thing and doesn't seem like the baby type anyway.

i'm theorizing that Jin is not necessarily dead, but could still be on the island. a long shot, but Jin's body is certainly not at that grave. it's empty b/c the world thinks that Jin died in the plane crash. his tombstone also said 9/22/2004, the date of the crash. Sun could be there b/c of the symbolism of going there with the baby - also since she's a celebrity, it would be odd for her to not go to the grave at some point. a long shot, yes, but the way this show tries to throw us off, i wouldn't put it past them.

new thought: also, they need to leave some meaningful people on the island or else why would we care about them going back? they have to going back for more than Locke and Sawyer playing backgammon.

Justmatt said...

Good thoughts CD - where else did you post this?

Casey Muller said...

I don't think anything other than death can separate Jin and Sun at this point.

cool dad said...

the Hambricks

cool dad said...

good point, Casey. that's gonna be one great episode when the Oceanic 6 leaves the rest behind.

Justmatt said...

As I mentioned on Levi's (Casey's) blog - I think that becasue Jin knows that Sun will die if she doesn't get off the island - that he will do anything to get her off - maybe that means dying...maybe that means staying behind.

oh amanda said...

Good post & comments, Matt! I've been thinking about Jin & Sun all day. I still think he's on the island. HOWEVER, I was thinking Jin's family erected the tombstone w/the date of the crash. But if so, Sun's deathdate would have been on there, too. SO, to keep up with the Oceanic Six lie (of only 8 original survivors), when they came back to the real world, Sun had that tombstone erected. WEIRD...or maybe it doesn't mean anything...


Elizabeth said...

Um... wow... I'm most impressed by all of the thoughts (and effort!) put into this post... and into the show in general. But to be honest, I'm WAY confused! Haven't really followed it faithfully and purposefully quit trying b/c I wanted something "new and unseen" to be able to watch after moving to the CR. But still, wow... I'm impressed.

Casey Muller said...

I never thought about Regina and Naomi. What an amazing catch.

Justmatt said...

Levi - isn't that nuts - would explain her actions....