Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Man on the Boat

SPOILERS AHEAD! [Highlight to read]

In the description for the March 20 episode of Lost titled 'Meet Kevin Johnson,' Yahoo! TV says the following:

Ben knows about an impending attack, so he prompts daughter Alex to escape from Locke's camp. On the freighter, Sayid confronts Ben's spy. Libby: Cynt…
(if you click on the 'more' link following the ... on the Yahoo! page there is no mention of Libby anywhere...weird...)

This points out a few things & Raises some questions (of course!):
1. Sayid is NOT Ben's Spy on the boat
2. Libby is BACK! Is she Ben's Spy?!?!

We know Michael is on the boat as he is listed in the cast for the March 13 episode - I think He is the captain...or the spy. Here is why:

At the end of Season 2 Ben gives Michael some coordinates and tells him that if he follows them precisely that he will find rescue...Notice that he said Rescue NOT land or home, etc. I think Ben knew the Freighter was coming/out there so he sent Michael to it.



revolution said...

Matt, the campus pastor of Flamingo Road Church's Sawgrass Campus gave me this link which I now pass on to you:

Read through the entire timeline, slowly and carefully.

You can thank me later.

Justmatt said...

I will check it out Lew and I thank you in advance!

Casey Muller said...

I know that Michael is on the boat because I've seen pictures from 4-8.

I also saw Libby in the cast, but I'm not sure how they will use her. It could be a flashback involving Michael shooting her.

Jim Jordan said...

I'm lost when it comes to LOST but the "highlight to read" trick is very cool. You'll have to explain to me how you did that.

Justmatt said...

Good Point Levi.

Jim-it is very simple - just make your font the same color as your background. Ie on your blog that would be white - then when you highlight the area you can see the "hidden" stuff.