Friday, March 7, 2008

Lost in Gainesville!


I just read this over at Seth's Blog - It fit nicely with my thoughts so I wanted to post it here:

Posted by Cindy in the comments:

...the “her” Juliet looks like bugged me and then it hit me at the end of the show. Ben’s Mom!!! Yeah, he has totally taken with her, but it is seemingly in a nonsexual way. He is a child on many levels...

So what do you think - Do you agree that they look alike? Juliet vs. Emily Linus

I also think that the Woman in the photo in Ben's House is of Ben's mom.

It is about time Gainesville got some losty love! (If you missed it, Ben made a comment last night referencing mold in the shape of the virgin Mary that was found in Gainesville, Fl)

Here are a few quick thoughts I wanted to get down before I read any reviews/recaps/etc.

Juliette's therapist on the Island makes the comment, "of course he does you look just like her"

- I also believe that the 'her' is Annie - Ben's childhood friend on the island

- I have often wondered what happened to Annie - I now believe that she and Ben were together, she got pregnant and died like every other woman who gets pregnant on the Island.

- Ben brought Juliette to the island to fix this issue & to replace Annie. Thus the reason he thinks she is "his"

Also - Ben's man on the boat - is not Sayid like I first thought - It is MICHAEL.

Your thoughts? Brad?

Photo CC: Arizona Republic


Amy said...

That mold story was real? Why have we never seen it?

Justmatt said...

No - not real - that pic is from New Mexico I believe where the Virgin Mary was seen in the scum under the bridge.

cool dad said...

Yes, it has to be Michael, if for no other reason than he joined the cast again this season. And of course, he has ties with the Others. I wonder if the island/Jacob/whoever drew Michael back to the island, much like the Oceanic 6 are going through now. Otherwise, why would he want to leave Walt behind on the mainland? (assuming he did)

I forgot about Annie. I thought she died during Ben's attack on the Dharma people.

I liked Ben's line about the rabbit. "That didn't have a number on it, did it?" Refering to The Orchid training video.

Casey Muller said...

You're right about Michael. I think that he's also number 6.

Also, I love your theory on how Annie died.

Justmatt said...

CD - I thought that too until I read this:
On the DVD commentary track for "The Man Behind the Curtain" Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse describe Annie as being of "seismic" importance to Lost.

Levi - Thanks man! As for Michael being #6 - what does that mean for Walt?

Casey Muller said...

That means that either Walt stays on the island or gets killed. He'll probably stay on the island.

Justmatt said...

What did you think about Ben's comment to Juliet about the Kids asking for their mom back in LA when he says 'they'll stop in time - plus they were on the list and who are we to question the list'

Nathan said...

I did a pretty good summary for The Constant here:

Michael on the boat has been known for a while I think. At least one of the spoiler blogs I read 2 or 3 weeks ago had images of Sayid/Des on the freighter...and then a pic of Michael on that same boat from last fall...I'm guess that means we find out in episode 7 or 8?

It might not be him...I think Damon said the question isn't who but how???

I don't think Michael is part of the 6.

I think Annie and Walt will still have big roles.