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The Hurley Factor, The Island & The Numbers

Originally Posted - May 3, 2007

Interesting tidbits, thoughts and questions on our favorite big man:

  1. He is not supposed to be on the Island
  2. He is along on pretty much every "adventure"
    1. To go find Danielle and ask about the numbers (S.1 - "Numbers")
    2. Journey to the Black Rock (S.1 – "Exodus Pt.1)
    3. Off to get the others (S.2 – "Three minutes"; S.2 – "Live together, die alone")
    4. Fulfilling Desmond's Future Flash – (S.3 – "Catch 22")

This leads him to always know what is going on and seems to pretty much know everything about each one of the losties.

  1. He has background with the numbers
    1. The numbers were heard in a looped radio transmission by Leonard (the guy in the mental institute) and Sam Toomey (Leonard's military Partner) at a military listening post monitoring long wave radio transmissions in the South Pacific 16 yrs before the crash.

i. The same transmission was heard by Danielle and her science expedition, and that is what brought her to the Island

    1. He used the numbers to play the lotto and won 114 Million (S.1 – "The Numbers")
    2. Numbers seem to bring him money: (156 Million at time of crash)

i. Lotto

ii. Money from the insurance on his sneaker factory that burned down

iii. Huge settlement from his mistaken arrest as a drug dealer

  1. Leonard says that Hurley has "opened the box" when Hurley tells him that he played the numbers in the lotto and won. (S.1 – "Numbers")
    1. Is this the same box that Ben mentions in S.3 – "The Man from Tallahassee"?

i. Ben says: Let me put it so you'll understand. Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don't you John? What if I told you that, somewhere on this island, there is a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box, there it would be? What would you say about that, John?

Hurley's ties to the Others:

  1. In the Locke-centric episode "S. 2 - Further Instructions" – in locks flashback during his "Sweat Lodge – trip" he pictures all of the islanders in the Sydney airport. All of the "Losties" are in line at the Oceanic Counter – all of them EXCEPT Hurley – he is behind the counter working as an Oceanic employee along with… the OTHERS – including BEN! Also it should be noted that Desmond was an Oceanic Pilot in this flashback… Are Hurley & Desmond somehow tied to the Others?

  1. He was chosen by the others to be a messenger. (S.2 – "Live together, die alone")
    1. Hurley was only on the list so he could be sent back with a message in "Live Together, Die Alone". In the post-finale podcast, the producers confirmed that Hurley was on the list because the Others thought he was the best candidate to deliver the message. (via lostpedia)
    2. Is he unknowingly a messenger?

  1. Is Hurley unknowingly a watcher?
    1. Hurley was chosen by the losties (Jack?) to "Watch" Juliet when she came to the Island. (S.3 – "One of Us")
    2. Hurley was chosen by Desmond to "watch" Naomi. (S.3 – "D.O.C.")

  1. In "S. 3 - D.O.C." – Hurley "accidentally" fires the flare gun off – which is shrugged off by the other losties b/c Hurley is viewed as the clueless, laid back, fat guy. BUT who came running when the flare was shot – Mikhail! To whom our "clueless" friend conveniently tipped off to the satellite phone – which he promptly tried to steal. – once again – is Hurley tied to the Others?
    1. This brings me to my next point – IF Hurley is so clueless, why is it that he can "con" all of the other losties – even the self proclaimed king of Cons – Sawyer? (S. 3 – "Left Behind") Hurley is a leader – as I said earlier – he knows everything that is going on.

Desmond and Hurley are somehow linked:

  1. The Libby connection: Hurley – Mental Institution; Desmond – Boat
  2. Lock's trippy flashback – Only non-others who worked for Oceanic Airlines. Hurley – ticket desk, Desmond – pilot
  3. Hurley is one of the first people (along with Charlie) to realize Desmond can see the future. (S.2 – "Further Instructions")


  1. What is up with the giant green "Hurley Bird" that screeches his name? (S.1 - Exodus Pt.1; S. 2 - Live together, die alone)
    1. My thought is that somehow each of the losties are represented by an animal:

i. Hurley = Bird

ii. Locke = Polar Bear

iii. Kate = Black Horse

iv. Sawyer = Frog

v. Sayid = Cat

Thoughts on the Island:

  1. It is all circular – Just like the ouro boros
    1. Ms. Hawking is wearing a pin, an ouro boros; a circular serpent with its tail in its mouth, representing life as a cycle. But this particular one isn't eating its tail. (S.3 – "Flashes before Your Eyes")
    2. Sun's father's company logo resembles an ouro boros as well

  1. This is why Desmond is living his Island experience over again & has "future flashes"
    1. Desmond/Penny = Adam/Eve

i. The rocks found in the pockets of Adam /Eve (the skeletons in the cave – S.1 – "White Rabbit") are similar to the rocks on the table in Desmond's flashback (S.3 – "Flashes before your eyes")

The numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) are a code that when used in the outside world, opens up a window to the island (the box):

  1. The "Box" was opened by Leonard and Sam 16 yrs ago (1988) when he played the numbers at a fair and won 50k – which led to Danielle and her crew arriving at the Island.
  2. It was opened again by Hurley winning the Lotto – which led to Desmond and flight 815 ending up on the Island.

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Do you have Compassion?

Shaun Groves first brought Compassion International to my attention.

Their mission - Save kids

He has written some good stuff about his work with them Here, here, & here

He has spread the news about Compassion by offering to come and perform for free in exchange for being able to share about Compassion. But recently he pointed out that this way of getting the word out isn't sustainable. So what is one to do?

Here is my idea:

A grass roots effort to set up local 'task force', 'clubs', 'not-so-secret societies', whatever you'd like to call them with the purpose of telling others about compassion and their mission. To raise awareness in our communities and Save Kids! I haven't thought much farther than this - but do you think it would work? Do you have any ideas? I mean there are clubs for everything - Alumni Associations for Schools, Greeks (Frats and Sororities), Wine Lovers, Book Lovers, etc. Why wouldn't one for Loving and saving kids work? Help me think this through...

Should I buy that?

We have all had the conversation with ourselves of 'Is this a want, or a need...' How do we, or should we react to that question? Even if it is a want, not a need - is it wrong for us to get it - IF we can afford it? This question has seeped into many other things for me - like buying expensive brand name clothes vs. the cheaper ones offered at Target or even Old Navy. Or, is it OK to buy a Lexus - even though a Toyota Camry is essentially the same car? Or an Acura vs. a Honda?

This is what I have come up with. It probably sounds like a giant justification - and I am sure there are holes all through it, but here it goes:

Let's say an Acura costs around $55k and a Honda with comparable features costs around $30k - but you really want the Acura. In order to buy it - my thought would be that you would need to be able to afford to give away the difference in price between the two cars to: a charity of your choice, your church, the homeless guy you pass on the way to work everyday, etc. - you just have to give it away. What this would mean is that the Acura you want would actually cost you $80k ($55k for car + $25k difference to be given away). The same goes for my clothes example too: Burberry Polo = $80; Mossimo Polo = $16. If you want the Burberry - you gots to give an additional $64 away - Making the actual cost to you for the polo $144! Get it!?

As I write this it sounds a lot like 'Carbon Credits' where I am offering a way for you to offset your 'Spending Footprint;' but my thought is this - people are going to buy things and perhaps this will make them think about it first - and even if you decide not to buy the higher priced item (even if you can afford to) perhaps you can give the difference away anyways! NOW that is a real good idea.

Like I said, I know there are holes - so fire away...what do you think?

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Get Lost!

Lots of easter eggs here. What do you see?

Photo: Copyright ABC

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With season 4 of Lost right around the corner - I thought I'd post some of my older blogs on my thoughts and predictions...Let me know what YOU think!
Originally posted on October 19, 2006: (on my old blog)


Lost is the greatest show ever created...and this is one of the best "theories" I've heard - even though it makes my head hurt.

From the comments section of Film Fodder:

Since early last season, I've speculated that the island exists in some sort of limbo, LOST from the world, lying alongside what I referred to as 'parallel timelines'. We've all seen theories involving multiple timelines, complete with screenshots of different furnishings of Desmond's hatch. Not gonna rehash that here.
I'm betting that the Others have access to TIME itself. They seem to have the ability to see the future. Although for them, it's not the future… the island exists in multiple time periods simultaneously, so the past/present/future are all one big wellspring of knowledge from which they can draw. (By the way, I think this is where the whispers are coming from)
This is why they know everything about all the main characters. Did they know this instantly? No. They needed lists. They needed names. Once they had names, they could look this information up, much like we use the internet today. They could see who was 'good' (whatever their definition of that is) and determine who they cared about and why.
This is why when Jack asks "Is she happy?" Juliet can answer "Yes, very happy". Perhaps Juliet can see the rest of what happens(ed) to Sarah. Maybe she went on to marry that guy and have six kids and live to be a hundred. Juliet knows this. Everything's documented, from Jack's life to his father's death. She's got access to the past, the present, and the future. In her own words: "We can get anything we want". If you think there's a rational, uber-conspiracy, CIA Jack Bauer way for this to happen, you're deluding yourself.
And when Ben says "Your plane crashed on September 22nd, 2004"
why would he mention the year? If you and I were having a conversation about what happened a month or two ago, we wouldn't need to. It's assumed we mean the current year. By specifically stating 2004 Ben is making a point.
I think the Others 'contact' with the outside world is one-sided. They can see what happened or what's happening or even what's going to happen… but that's all. When Jack asks Ben "Why wouldn't you leave?" he seems to perk up a bit and smirks: "Yes Jack, why wouldn't we leave?" This could indicate that he likes it on the island, but I think it's more along the lines that he can't leave. Why can't he leave? Because in the real world… he doesn't truly exist. Ben was born on the island
born into limbo born into non-existence. That's why he wouldn't leave.
Anyone still with me? Good. Almost done.
Just because sixty-nine days have passed since the crash, don't be fooled into believing it's November whatever he said it was. To the survivors? Yes. To the Others? Everything is timeless. Many of the more traditional (i.e. non-sci fi) viewers hate that, but I have a feeling this is going to be the "big reveal" during the end of episode six. Either that, or "Kate's an Other"
after all, it is a Kate-centric episode. But I still don't think she is.
And my "Manifestation theory", listed in the theories section - still stands. I still believe the island itself can interpret the thoughts, dreams, and desires of individuals into existence. I believe this explains many of the things the characters have been seeing since season one, as well as the Other's uncannily immaculate village. It's not exactly as if someone wishes for a glass of water it should appear in their hand, or if they wished hard for a rescue boat one would show up
I just don't think it works like that. The island works its own ways, I'd imagine. Although perhaps the Others have learned more about how to utilize its power, even they can't simply wish for anything they want. It's not a wish machine.
To me, the island is a sticky ball rolling through time and space, picking up random people and things on its surface. The Black Rock, the four-toed statue, flight 815… everyone and anyone who didn't come voluntarily during the Hanso/Dharma days of holding the island in place with the magnet.

I think that the method used to "access" the information that the island gathers (ie; past, present, future) is through a form of deep meditation. Locke had to eat his druggy oatmeal and go into a sweat lodge to meditate and "talk" with the island. The result was a hallucinogenic dream with Boone (who in my mind was the island using a form that John would recognize) and walking through the airport in Sydney. Boone then told Locke basically and vaguely the fates of the other passengers. When they saw Sayid, Jin, and Sun Boone said, "Not them, Sayid's got it covered". When they say Jack, Kate, and Sawyer Boone said, "You can't help them, not yet anyway, but you will". Then of course there was Hurley's conversation with desmond in the jungle and Desmond telling Hurley that Locke would go to save J,S,K. That he mentioned it in his speech. I though that line right there was confirmation of the theory above. Desmond is the one person who had the most intimate contact with the magnetic properties of the island when he turned the failsafe key. He was, so to speak, in the 'belly of the beast' at the moment of the implosion. He was in the closest proximity to the event. Maybe being so close to the implosion resulted in a conscious receipt of the "information" the island gathers. To him everything he might have seen has already happened and he doesn't realize he has seen some future events. Hmmmmm . . . . . . Thoughts?

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I am your brother, your best friend forever....

If you missed this guy last night on American Idol - you missed the best performance since William Hung!

[UPDATE: You're Welcome]

Photo: Copyright 2008 American Idol

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Lord have Mercy

Brody has been hard at work getting blogs up for some different artist. He just finished one for Mercy Me. Check it out if you'd like.

New Name!

In the great words of Mr. Willy Wonka:

Mr. Salt: Snozzwangers? Vermicious Knids? (Unscrambled eggs?) What kind of rubbish is that?

Willy Wonka: I'm sorry, but all questions must be submitted in writing.
Or, In layman's terms: What do you think?

R U Relevant?

A conversation of sorts started over at Brody's Blog yesterday about being a blogger for Relevant Magazine. In the latest issue (Jan/Feb 08) on Page 14 - the founder of Relevant Mag, Cameron Strang writes:

If you want to get involved with the webiste (we're always looking for new writers, bloggers, editors), hit it up for more info.

I've done that for you and it looks like the best way to contact them is through there feedback email. So if you think you gots the skills or are interested in learning more, email them at
Now, go get 'em tiger!

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Have you heard of Kiva Loans? They allow you and I "to lend mondey to a specific entreprenuur in the developing world - empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty." I just heard of them the other day but they sound really cool. I really like the idea of putting money directly in to the hands of those who really need it and might not have access to it through any other channels.

Great Smurfs! How Did I Miss This!?

Happy 50th Birthday to Papa Smurf & the gang! Break out the Smurfberry cake and sasparilla juice! I hope it is Smurfirific!!!

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Superheros by Gaslight

If you are a comic book junky like me - then go HERE & check out these amazing custom made action figures!

Thanks to the Disney Blog for the heads up!

Faith like a ... Dog?

' Dear Lord: Thank you for bringing me to Timmy's house and not to Michael Vick's -- AMEN! '

Too funny not to share.

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Walken 08 - Pt. 2

Thanks to Jim for pointing this out - As if you needed more of a reason to vote for the guy.

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