Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get Lost!

Lots of easter eggs here. What do you see?

Photo: Copyright ABC


cool dad said...

Man... I consider myself a fan, but I'm stumped.

1) What I imagine is L.A. reflected in the water.

2) There's the light beaming down from the top left, so is that more people landing on the island?

3) The circle at the bottom of the water. Is that another Dharma symbol?

4) I feel like there's something going on with the tree above Sawywer and then the next taller one to its right, with the vertical pieces.

That's all I've got.

Justmatt said...

Good ones Cool Dad - although I think that the circle you are referring to is a 6. I have read that it is in reference to 6 people getting off the island.

-One other thing I noticed was that non of the 'non main' characters are shown. IE - no girl with the satellite version of the iPhone.

Amy said...

I see some shadowy figures hovering in the sky, and if you listen real closely you can hear them whispering...

Also, if you squint, the trees spell something