Monday, January 14, 2008


Have you heard of Kiva Loans? They allow you and I "to lend mondey to a specific entreprenuur in the developing world - empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty." I just heard of them the other day but they sound really cool. I really like the idea of putting money directly in to the hands of those who really need it and might not have access to it through any other channels.


berry said...

I checked out this organization awhile ago when our small group was looking to give toward micro-loan organizations. they seem pretty cool and I liked how there seemed to be good communication and the possibility of a relationship (somewhat).

Justmatt said...

Yeah - I heard of them on GMA this week and Matt Lauer(I think - I was actually listening to GMA on my radio) was in the country (Africa I think) talking with the person he had loaned money to. Very cool.