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The Hurley Factor, The Island & The Numbers

Originally Posted - May 3, 2007

Interesting tidbits, thoughts and questions on our favorite big man:

  1. He is not supposed to be on the Island
  2. He is along on pretty much every "adventure"
    1. To go find Danielle and ask about the numbers (S.1 - "Numbers")
    2. Journey to the Black Rock (S.1 – "Exodus Pt.1)
    3. Off to get the others (S.2 – "Three minutes"; S.2 – "Live together, die alone")
    4. Fulfilling Desmond's Future Flash – (S.3 – "Catch 22")

This leads him to always know what is going on and seems to pretty much know everything about each one of the losties.

  1. He has background with the numbers
    1. The numbers were heard in a looped radio transmission by Leonard (the guy in the mental institute) and Sam Toomey (Leonard's military Partner) at a military listening post monitoring long wave radio transmissions in the South Pacific 16 yrs before the crash.

i. The same transmission was heard by Danielle and her science expedition, and that is what brought her to the Island

    1. He used the numbers to play the lotto and won 114 Million (S.1 – "The Numbers")
    2. Numbers seem to bring him money: (156 Million at time of crash)

i. Lotto

ii. Money from the insurance on his sneaker factory that burned down

iii. Huge settlement from his mistaken arrest as a drug dealer

  1. Leonard says that Hurley has "opened the box" when Hurley tells him that he played the numbers in the lotto and won. (S.1 – "Numbers")
    1. Is this the same box that Ben mentions in S.3 – "The Man from Tallahassee"?

i. Ben says: Let me put it so you'll understand. Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don't you John? What if I told you that, somewhere on this island, there is a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box, there it would be? What would you say about that, John?

Hurley's ties to the Others:

  1. In the Locke-centric episode "S. 2 - Further Instructions" – in locks flashback during his "Sweat Lodge – trip" he pictures all of the islanders in the Sydney airport. All of the "Losties" are in line at the Oceanic Counter – all of them EXCEPT Hurley – he is behind the counter working as an Oceanic employee along with… the OTHERS – including BEN! Also it should be noted that Desmond was an Oceanic Pilot in this flashback… Are Hurley & Desmond somehow tied to the Others?

  1. He was chosen by the others to be a messenger. (S.2 – "Live together, die alone")
    1. Hurley was only on the list so he could be sent back with a message in "Live Together, Die Alone". In the post-finale podcast, the producers confirmed that Hurley was on the list because the Others thought he was the best candidate to deliver the message. (via lostpedia)
    2. Is he unknowingly a messenger?

  1. Is Hurley unknowingly a watcher?
    1. Hurley was chosen by the losties (Jack?) to "Watch" Juliet when she came to the Island. (S.3 – "One of Us")
    2. Hurley was chosen by Desmond to "watch" Naomi. (S.3 – "D.O.C.")

  1. In "S. 3 - D.O.C." – Hurley "accidentally" fires the flare gun off – which is shrugged off by the other losties b/c Hurley is viewed as the clueless, laid back, fat guy. BUT who came running when the flare was shot – Mikhail! To whom our "clueless" friend conveniently tipped off to the satellite phone – which he promptly tried to steal. – once again – is Hurley tied to the Others?
    1. This brings me to my next point – IF Hurley is so clueless, why is it that he can "con" all of the other losties – even the self proclaimed king of Cons – Sawyer? (S. 3 – "Left Behind") Hurley is a leader – as I said earlier – he knows everything that is going on.

Desmond and Hurley are somehow linked:

  1. The Libby connection: Hurley – Mental Institution; Desmond – Boat
  2. Lock's trippy flashback – Only non-others who worked for Oceanic Airlines. Hurley – ticket desk, Desmond – pilot
  3. Hurley is one of the first people (along with Charlie) to realize Desmond can see the future. (S.2 – "Further Instructions")


  1. What is up with the giant green "Hurley Bird" that screeches his name? (S.1 - Exodus Pt.1; S. 2 - Live together, die alone)
    1. My thought is that somehow each of the losties are represented by an animal:

i. Hurley = Bird

ii. Locke = Polar Bear

iii. Kate = Black Horse

iv. Sawyer = Frog

v. Sayid = Cat

Thoughts on the Island:

  1. It is all circular – Just like the ouro boros
    1. Ms. Hawking is wearing a pin, an ouro boros; a circular serpent with its tail in its mouth, representing life as a cycle. But this particular one isn't eating its tail. (S.3 – "Flashes before Your Eyes")
    2. Sun's father's company logo resembles an ouro boros as well

  1. This is why Desmond is living his Island experience over again & has "future flashes"
    1. Desmond/Penny = Adam/Eve

i. The rocks found in the pockets of Adam /Eve (the skeletons in the cave – S.1 – "White Rabbit") are similar to the rocks on the table in Desmond's flashback (S.3 – "Flashes before your eyes")

The numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) are a code that when used in the outside world, opens up a window to the island (the box):

  1. The "Box" was opened by Leonard and Sam 16 yrs ago (1988) when he played the numbers at a fair and won 50k – which led to Danielle and her crew arriving at the Island.
  2. It was opened again by Hurley winning the Lotto – which led to Desmond and flight 815 ending up on the Island.

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