Friday, February 1, 2008

Holy #2!

I told you Hurley was tied to the Island - he could SEE Jacob! Now for the crazy part... IS JACOB CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD?! Here are a few more questions raised last night:
1. Who was the "lawyer" that came to meet Hurley in the mental inst?
2. Who "needs" Hurley - as was referenced by dead Charlie?
3. Is Oceanic Air tied to the Island? I think so - if you got sucked in to ABCs ploy and watched the show after LOST - you saw the Oceanic Airlines Commercial - in it there are flashes of a guy saying "these guys can't be trusted","we found the survivors". Remember that Oceanic's position on the crash, according to Nadia, was that they found flight 815 and there were no survivors.
4. Hurley references that he is part of the "Oceanic 6" - As I mentioned in my previous post - this means 6 got off the island - we know 4 of them (Jack, Kate, Hurley, & the guy in the coffin)
5. Which brings me to - who the heck is in the coffin?!
6. Oh - and what are they (the oceanic 6) not supposed to tell?

Timeline of flash-forwards:
-the flash-forwards we saw tonight were before the ones we saw in the last 2 episodes of Season 3. - We know this because: Jack is of right mind, just starting to drink (screwdriver as he watches the car chase), mentions to hurley that he is thinking of growing a beard.

This is all I have time for now -what are your thoughts on the premeir?


cool mum said...

Good episode, but I am an on-and-off Lost watcher because it really freaks me out sometimes! I can barely handle the whispering and rustling in the dark woods!

cool dad said...

Loved it. I was telling CM that they must've left people on the island. Like some decision was made and that's why Jack was regretful to the point of suicide in last season's finale. Why else would he want to go back if not for the people left behind?

Jack told Kate he was tired of the lies and now Hurley lied to the detective that he never met Ana-Lucia. The Oceanic 6 must've lied about the other people surviving the crash, most likely in collusion with Oceanic.

I'm trying to figure out why Hurley regrets going with Locke instead of Jack. It's not like one group all perished since Hurley returned. However, it's too big to wrap my brain around right now.

Amy said...

I am just annoyed that they didn't answer ONE single question raised in the finale. grrrr...

and hey, LOST expert - it's NAOMI, not Nadia. It's confusing enough. Don't go creating new characters on us.

Justmatt said...

Sooo Sorry - my bad - and for your information : ) - Nadia IS a character. She is Sayid's "girlfriend".

berry said...

is it clear that these are real flash-forwards or could they be "potential futures"? kind of like the "potential futures" that Desmond sees but can be changed.

Justmatt said...

Good call Berry. I am not sure if they are real or potential. I like the idea though - That would make sense. Also, I read somewher of one idea where they come back to the island BEFORE their first time there - confusing - but let me explain - in the looking glass hatch, the girl there tells Charlie that 'code' to unlock the jamming signal is to the tune of 'good vibrations' by the beach boys and that it was designed by a musician. Get where I am going. When Charlie sits down at the keypad he hums the tune and then plays it on the numbers on the firt try! Perhaps Charlie IS the musican who coded it!...How about them apples!