Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LOST Questions

So I was up in Gville this past weekend and we were visiting with some friends when the topic of LOST came up. We all came to the same point - The LOST writers/producers are all liars! They teased this 4 season with "Questions...WILL...Be answered!" with dramatic music and everything - problem is - NO STINKING QUESTIONS have been answered - EXCEPT for the one new one they started the season with - "Who are the Oceanic 6?" So what questions can you think of that have not been answered? Post them in the comments section and I will keep this list up to date. I'll start:
1. What is the Smoke Monster?
2. Where is the Island?
3. How did the others that killed the Dharma folks get to the island?
4. Why doesn't Richard Alpert age?
5. How does the Island heal people (ie Lock)?
6. Where's Jack's dad?
7. Why can Desmond see the future?
8. What was with the random couple who was buried alive last season?
9. Who was in the coffin?
10. Where is Walt?
11. Why was Libby at Hurley's nut house?
12. Is Vincent the smoke monster?
13. Are Nikki and Paulo really dead?
14. Where is Isabel?
15. What's with the four toed statue?
16. At the end of season 3 Ben tells Richard to take the others to the 'Temple' - what is the Temple?
17. Where are the others?
18. What is going on with the "Watchers"? the ones taken by the others from the tail section - the kids, flight attendant, etc?
[Update 2]
19. How did the 'Pirate Ship', the Black Rock get to the middle of the Island?
20. How come women die when they conceive on the island but not if they conceive off the island?
[Update from 'Eggtown']
21. Why hasn't the helicopter reached the freighter?
22. What happened to Clair/why does Aaron live with Kate off the island?
23. What is up with Daniel's Memory (the cards)?
24. What is Ben's REAL story? (ie how does he have access to 3.2 million?)

If you have any theories for any of these questions - post them in the comments & I will put them up in a separate post.


Amy said...

Where's Jack's dad? Why can Desmond see the future? What was with the random couple who was buried alive last season? Who was in the coffin? Where is Walt? What happened to Sydney Bristow while she was asleep for 2 years? oooh, wait...different puzzle.

Casey Muller said...

Why was Libby at Hurley's nut house?

Is Vincent the smoke monster?

Are Nikki and Paulo really dead?

Where is Isabel?

What's with the four toed statue?

berry said...

Dawn really wants to know how the Black Rock got there.

Justmatt said...

That's it?! That is all you got berry and dawn? You guys were plugging away with questions this weekend...I mean YOU were my inspiration for this post!!! : )

berry said...

well, you already posted a lot of our questions.

maybe we could add why moms die if they get pregnant on the island but are okay if they conceive off the island? and how far off the island do you have to be when you conceive? 100 miles? 100 feet in a boat? just kidding.

I'm sure we'll have some more after tonight.

Amy said...

How many times can Ben get beat up before becoming disfigured and losing his ability to fire off witty one-liners?

Amy said...

What's the connection between Naomi's bracelet and Sayid? Are the "economist's" initials R.C. or R.G.? Why can my husband not use spell check? :)

cool dad said...

Quick notes:

- I totally forgot that Claire and Jack are half-siblings. So Aaron is Jack's nephew. I wonder if Jack found out and now seeing Aaron causes him too much pain b/c Claire died or got left on the island.

- I wonder if Ben has anything to do with the Widmore Corporation. During the enhanced replay of "The Economist", the notes at the bottom pointed out that Penny is the daughter of Charles Widmore. I feel like they wouldn't bring up Charles unless maybe Widmore will play a larger role as the show goes on. And since Widmore is the only super-rich faction in the show (since Hanso has dropped for now), it makes me wonder if Ben is tied in.

Justmatt said...

The Spell check doesn't work for some reason. I will send my posts to you for proof reading from now on : )

CD- I definitely think Widmore is involved! Many of the products on the island are produced by his company - ie the pregnancy test that Sun uses.

As for the braclet - take a look at these photos: