Friday, February 29, 2008

The McFlyian Guide to Time Travel (or LOST Ep. 5)

1.21 Jigawhatts! Great Scott!
Maybe not 1.21 Jigawhatts but 2.342!
I don't have time to give a recap or share my thougts on last night's episode (Poor me - I am heading to the house of Mouse) - so check out these as they do a much better job than I could do:


This episode was one of my top 3 favorites of all 4 seasons! What did you think? Any new questions/theories?


cool dad said...

What's the significance of Faraday's note to himself about Desmond at the end of the ep?

He's having memory issues (with the 3-card test), but he doesn't seem to be jumping time frames. Is this foreshadowing a future freakout by him?

Justmatt said...

I Think he IS jumping time frames...remember when they did the flashbacks for the freighter folks...They should Daniel Sitting in a chair crying as he watched the news of Flight 815's crash. The lady in the room asks him why he is crying and he says that he doesn't know....I think this is because he "knows" there are survivors. He just doesn't remember. Kinda like how Desmond forgot all future knowledge once he went back to 1996. Thinking about this - maybe these were flash forwards...that would make more since.