Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CLEAN Clothes

In response to my two previous posts - here & here - where fair trade and safe working conditions were topics of interest and ones that should be considered when we are shopping, I have done some research and come up with the following lists:

List of Non-Clean Clothes Providers:

Clean Clothes Providers:
Clean Clothes Connection
American Apparel
No Sweat Apparel
Kumba Clothing
Maggies Clean Clothes
UNITE (Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees)
Justice Clothing

Clean Clothes Organizations:
SweatFree Communities
PICA - Peace through Interamerican Community Action
The National Labor Committee (NLC)
United Students Against Sweatshops
The Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)
The Campaign for the Abolition of Sweatshops and Child Labor
The Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN)
The Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO
Behind the Label
National Mobilization Against Sweatshops
Slaves To Fashion
The Garment Worker Center
Sweatshop Watch
The Clean Clothes Campaign
Students for Labor Justice
The Clean Clothes Connection
The InterReligious Task Force on Central America
Kav La'Oved

Please have a look, add your own, and pass this along so that we can be informed - the more who read and get involved the faster we can make a difference.
I am still looking for one that provides information on popular brands like Nike, Burberry, etc. as well as Brands sold at Target - i.e. Mossimo, Etc.


Levi Muller said...

Since we do a lot of international business, my eyes have been opened to things that are rarely discussed by Americans.

First, some families are so poor that their children need to work, just to survive.

Second, some companies that use child labor offer better than normal working conditions for the children.

Third, if a child cannot work in one of the "sweat shops," they are usually put to work in an agricultural environment, like a field, with poor working conditions.

Some say that "sweat shops" needlessly exploit children, while others say that these shops give an opportunity for the children to work under less harsh conditions.

Justmatt said...

What is your company's possition on this?

You make some good points - I guess if the children have to work then perhaps working inside can be better than out. BUT I think something needs to be done so that they don't HAVE to work.

Levi Muller said...


Maybe if their parents had better paying jobs, then they could pay for the children's well-being.

In order for them to have better paying jobs, they will need to be educated.

In order for them to be educated, they will need be able to stop working long enough to attend class. Also, in order for them to be educated, people will need to donate time and resources.

If people are willing to donate time and resources for education, then why can't all people, regardless of what country they live in, get paid to attend a free university? Then, they can afford to stop working long enough to be educated too.

That would definitely make going to a private college a big advantage on a resume.

Justmatt said...

And THAT my friend is the endgame of this post. You can do a small part by NOT buying from those who employ such poor working conditions and DO buy from those who pay well and provide good working conditions - so their kids don't HAVE to work and CAN go to school, etc. etc. etc.

Levi Muller said...

So then I can help the rich get richer and the poor stay poor by only purchasing items which are manufactured in industrialized nations?

Maybe I need to look at the list of the companies you provided to see if any of them manufacture in a third-world country and offer a good wage and good working conditions at the same time.

Or, maybe that's too much work and I could go on buying items at the lowest cost so that I can afford to purchase more items, which in turn feeds the economy of where the item was manufactured.

I'm just messing with you Matt. I love this post and how you are trying to educate people and make a difference.

Well Done!

Justmatt said...

You are the man Levi - It does stink how we are in a vicious cycle. That is why I like the TOMS SHOES and the CROCS recycle programs - at least you know when you purchase them - someone who needs shoes in a 3rd world country is getting a pair too!