Tuesday, February 5, 2008

HTML Good Buddy

As mentioned on Brody's Blog - Help PD out!

My friend P.D. asked me to get the word out about a little bet that he has going with his boss and the validity of blogging. Turns out his boss doesn’t think P.D. can get more people to their company’s website by spreading it through blogs. He writes:
So on Tuesday and Wednesday they are counting the number of hits our website gets. That’s where you all come in . All you have to do is click ,
Color Landscapes, and you are done. We are giving away a tree every month so go ahead and register for it. Who knows you may win a Japanese Maple. But I need as much traffic as I can get going to this website over the next two days. So pass the word along!

So head
click here, help P.D. and then go about your day.