Friday, February 15, 2008

Quick thoughts/questions from 'The Economist'

WOW - Great episode:
Here is what we know:
Oceanic 6
1. Jack
2. Kate
3. Hurley
4. Sayid
5. ?
6. ?

Others (no pun) who get off the Island:
1. Ben

From this weeks flash forward we learn:
- Sayid works for... BEN! - he is a hit man for him.

Questions raised:
- Why does Sayid work for Ben? Wha
- What does Ben have on Sayid?
- Who was 'The Economist' that Sayid was trying to get too? (I think it was the black guy who sent these new people to the island)
- What was up with that secret room in Ben's house on the Island? (All the cash and passports seems to show that Ben could and did leave the Island)
-What does the time difference it took the 'rocket' to get to the Island mean? (our new friend the physicist seemed pretty concerned about it)


Casey Muller said...

Welcome to the 10,000 piece puzzle. Wasn't it just 5,000 pieces not too long ago?

cool mum said...

That Ben is one scary guy.

Amy said...

...and by scary you mean AWESOME, right?

Levi, your illustration is perfect.

Justmatt said...

Yes - if you haven't read Levi's puzzle analogy - head over there right now -