Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why Tom is so Cool

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I read an interview recently in the latest issue of Relevant Magazine with the founder of 'Buy Shoes Save Lives' where he makes the claim that TOMS SHOES are made in china for cheap. This didn't sit well with me and so I did a little digging. Here is the real story straight from the mouth of TOMS SHOES founder Blake Mycoskie in an interview found here:

Toms is brand named after the Shoes for Tomorrow, a program that intends to provide shoes for all kids in South America. And the company closely follows those principles. Based in Argentina, its manufacturing process closely follows the guidelines of fair labor practices. "If we're going to have a company that's geared toward helping people, we don't want to hurt one person to help another", said Toms' founder Blake Mycoskie in an interview.

Now that is more like it and ties in with our discussion from the 'Should I buy that?' Post. Do you know of any other Brands that practice these principles?

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