Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paper or Plastic? How about neither?

The Orlando Sentinal has a good article on the use of reusable bags over the plastic ones at grocery stores. If you are not doing this now you're going to have to soon - Whole Foods will stop offering plastic bags all together on April 22 - Earth Day. Thanks to Cool Dad & Mum we now have some sweet reusable ones - we just have to remember to bring them. What do you think?- what do you use?
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revolution said...

are you kidding me?

when we go grocery shopping, we bring home at least 10-15 bags of stuff.

that just isn't feasible.

we recycle our bags by taking some back to the store, and using some for picking up dog poo and cleaning out the litter box.

still, i'm not going to lug 15 tote bags to the store every time.

Amy said...

I'm hoping to at least cut our plastic bag usage in half. The good thing about the bags from Cool Mum is that they are HUGE (but fold up into itty bitty little squares) and could probably handle twice the amount of one, undoubled, plastic bag - which is fine because it's not like I'm carrying them home from the store, I just need to get them from the car to the kitchen.

Justmatt said...

What were the name of those bags again?

Amy said...

chico bags