Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello, My name is Matt.

My name is Matt.
My full name is Matthew.
People call me Matt though.
I've notice it is "hip" for people named Christopher to go by "Topher."
I think from now on I will go by "Thew."
I mean, because I want to be Hip too.
What do you think?


Casey Muller said...

Very good Thew.

Sorry I've been missing your posts recently. I still read them, but in Google Reader, where I can't comment.

Loren Eaton said...

So that's where Topher Grace's wierd name came from ...

cool mum said...

I like it! Sounds very intellectual. Plus it's hard to say, so that makes it even more cool. Kind of reminds me of our friend named Elizabeth, whom Cool Dad gave the nickname Zub.

Justmatt said...

Levi - I wondered where you were

Loren - yeah I saw him on letterman when I was in NY once and said that people kept calling him Chris and he would say - topher...b/c he wanted to be called Christopher...but topher stuck.

CM- Thanks! Where did Zub come from?

Amy Wright said...

Eli-ZUB-eth. Funny!

Jack and Lexi's Mom said...

I don't know. "Thew" sounds a lot like spew. It sounds like something you would need antibacterial wipes to clean up. Still, you are my cousin and I respect your wishes, Thew.

Justmatt said...

Amy - Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Jenn - Hmmmm... you are right....I could go with the 'Zub' idea and go by - ATT with two T's