Thursday, September 4, 2008


How do I measure the success of my trip to North Carolina?

Is it by the beautiful mountains that my kids got to see for the first time?

Is it by the really cool waterfalls that we got see?

Is it by the natural water park that we got to play in?
Sorry. No.

Is it by my fridge being filled with glass bottles of Cheerwine?
YES. Yes folks it is!


cool dad said...

+20 cool points for Cheerwine!!!!

Amy Wright said...

This photo represents 4.8 hours of side trips to roadside general stores in search of the hallowed beverage.

Melanie said...

what part of NC? Next time you head up, we're another 50 mi north of Asheville. You should stop by! We're pretty much on the other side of the smokies...

Melanie said...

oh, and we have LOTS of cheerwine here. It's at every supermarket.

NSB Mom said...

And I miss the Sundrop and Cherry Lemon Sundrop.

Justmatt said...

CD - WOW 20 pts!

Amy - 4.8 hrs..really? : )

Mel - Cashiers/Highlands - ANYTIME you want to send any of that CW done you go ahead and do long as it is in the glass bottle.

NSB - Those sound good...Haven't had them though

Casey Muller said...

I need to book my trip right away. This seems like the type of vacation I need.