Thursday, February 5, 2009

Please Pray for my Nephew and Sister-in-Law

[UPDATE] Baby was born @ 10:30 last night! Mom and baby are doing great! Thanks for all the prayers!!!

If you don't mind - please take a moment to pray for my soon to be new nephew and my sister-in-law. She has a health problem that causes complications with childbirth to the extent that her organs start shutting down. She went into the hospital this morning and they are trying to get her stabilized so that she can have the baby and take care of her. Please pray for her health and the baby. Also please pray for her husband, my brother-in-law, as well.

Here is the latest update from the Hospital:
My sister-in-law is in good shape right now, but they need to get the baby out today in order to avoid her having serious complications. She's on a magnesium drip which makes her feel miserable, and also on pitocin to speed up the labor. So please pray that the doctor is able to manage her levels and she is able to deliver the baby without complications! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in miracles?

Jim Jordan said...

My family is praying for a healthy new nephew and a rejuvenated sister-in-law.

NSB Mom said...

Saying a prayer for your family!