Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOST - The Little Prince

First the Questions:

Ajira Airlines makes its first appearance of the season on the water bottle found in the outrigger – so is this how the O6 get back to the island and was that them on the outrigger chasing the ones left behind? If not, who was on the outrigger?

What happened to the rest of the Losties that were 'transported'? IE Rose and Bernard?

Now my thoughts and those found from around the interweb:

* Faraday and Penny are brother and sister. Parents are Charles Widmore and Eloise (Elle) Hawkings

* Name on side of Carpet Van that Ben is ridding around in is – Canton-Rainier = Reincarnation

(HT: The Lost Blog recap and commenters for the following information)

* Danny Faraday theorizes that the longer someone's been on the island, the more susceptible they are to this "deadly jet lag." Interestingly, Miles believes he's only been on the island for a couple weeks, but Faraday questions that assumption. It would appear -- unbeknownst to them, perhaps -- that Charlotte and Miles have some sort of past experience on the island (is Miles the scion of Dr. Pierre Chang?).

* Carole Littleton (Claire's mom) wasn't there for a settlement with Oceanic. Jack just told Kate so they could go quickly.

*When else have we seen Jin afloat on a piece of wreckage. After the others blew up the raft he was on, right? So maybe THAT Jin, the Frenchies, and the island's little time fluxes have conspired to bring about this meeting. We never did see how Jin made it to the island after the raft was destroyed - our point of view stayed with Sawyer and Michael. Then when they beached, a bound Jin runs out screaming "OTHERS"!
Guess only time will tell if this is Jin1 or Jin2.

* Maybe the mysterious disease that Danielle feared catching and killed all her comrades because of was TIME DISPLACEMENT disease.
And maybe Danielle's expedition was not in 1986 as we had supposed but in 2004 or 2005, and then she and the other Frenchies were thrown back to 1986 and she lived from there until the Losties showed up in 2004 and never realized that she had travelled back in time because she never thought to compare dates with the Losties

* The island itself got "moved" through time, as well as space. The O6 in the chopper saw it "seem to disappear" like the rabbits in the Orchid film.

* John Locke's 'Death' is just medusa spider'ed and maybe so was Christian Shepherd when 815 left Sidney.

* This episode all but confirmed that those instances of whispering will turn out to be time travelers. It just seems so plausible!

* I don't think it's coincidence - or even a narrative device - that Locke happened to see the Nigerian plane crash or that Jin washed up at the same time the French arrived on the Island. I believe it's likely that the time shifts are opening brief rifts into the Island (which would otherwise be hidden even from God). These rifts are like open windows that enable outsiders to stumble upon the Island. Yemi's plane, Rousseau's vessel for certain.. probably the Black Rock, and maybe even Desmond's sailboat.

* Maybe Richard Alpert is Jacob (ie Locke = Bentham). RA can't have direct contact with himself, so he needs a "leader" to speak with Jacob/future RA.

* Rousseau's ship was named Bésixdouze, which translates to "B six twelve." And B612 just happens to be the name of the home asteroid once inhabited by The Little Prince.

So, what did you think? Catch anything new? Share!


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This stuff is getting so, so deep for me.

Thanks for compiling all of this.

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Really..these people have too much time on their hands.