Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jesus Greater Than





PD has a pretty cool idea - and all the profits go to organizations that work to releave these things.

Here is his Vision:
Jesusgreaterthan.org is an organization trying to further the kingdom of God here on earth by raising awareness to some issues we believe to be crucial. We are trying to answer the cries of the oppressed by taking action. There will be many movements in the coming days, but the first is our Jesus>War campaign. We believe that there is a third way to all things; and that way is Jesus Christ. All proceeds generated during the Jesus>War campaign including donations, shirts, stickers will pay for multiple scholarship funds for children who have lost a parent while serving during war. Other movements will be Jesus>Poverty, Jesus>Hunger, Jesus>Thirst, etc. In each movement, JesusGreaterThan.org will financially support issues within the problem. It is time for a change. We can make it happen.

Go to http://jesusgreaterthan.org/index.html to learn more and buy a shirt.

Thank to Brody for pointing this out.

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