Friday, June 27, 2008

Top 5 Friday

Here is your Topic for Top 5 Friday:

Top 5 celebrity encounters

[UPDATE - Here's Mine]
1. Meeting the Nature Boy Ric Flair during the UF Homecoming Parade in 1999 (I think) WOOOO!
2. Being on the New Mickey Mouse Club in 1990 - No JC, Justin, Christina or Britney but YES to the Party, Damon, Chase Tiffani and Deedee (who I just saw again in 'Wicked')
3. I've grown up with Drew from Sister Hazel
4. I walked past Wayne Brady at Islands of Adventure thinking he looks really familiar...then someone walked up and asked - Hey aren't you the guy from 'Who's line is it anyway?'
5. My wife and I were coming off the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disney when she ran in to/over Kelly Rippa and her family as they were being backed doored on the ride.


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Lindsey said...

Well, I tried. But I couldn't come up with 5!! Oh well. A for effort.

Amy Wright said...

Did it!

Jack and Lexi's Mom said...

Let's see...
1 went to school with Anthony Columbo, son of Antonio Columbo of the Columbo crime family. He was very nice.
2 Was present and helped Bruce Springteen and his then wife Julianna Phillips load and antique table they had purchased into the back of his truck.
3 Roady'ed for Jimmy Buffett
4 Dance next to Micheal Stipe at the 40Watt while at UGA.
5 Chatted with both Penn and Teller (yes he speaks) outside their show at Georgia Tech.

Justmatt said...

Wow good one jennifer!