Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ugly Truth About Dr. Pepper

You know all those crazy email forwards you get - the ones that say:

Obama is anti-American because he doesn't put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance.


You'll get a free iPod if you complete this survey and send it to 10 other people!

I can't stand those things, and the first thing that I do is go to Snopes, confirm what I already know (it's a hoax) and then forward the link on to the person who sent it to me.

Now you might say, "Jeez Matt you sure are a jerk!" But let me explain - I really don't like it or think that it is fair when people send out things that aren't true (and can be proven as not true) as if they were the gospel (and in some cases are trying to persuade others by forwarding these on).

But these actions have now come back to me full circle.

Call me naive. Call me crazy. But it has been my long standing belief that Dr. Pepper contained Prune juice in some form or fashion. And I have shared this belief for years with others. Now granted I did give a disclaimer of something like "I've heard that..." But non the less, I have been spreading rumors! I am a liar. A falsifier of information. I have transitioned to the Dark Side and become that which I hate....

Because today was the day that I took my own medicine and Snopesed Dr. Pepper. The results of this investigation are both good (I don't like Prune juice), bad (I've been LIVING A LIE!!!), and a little sad (this information has been up on Snopes for over a year and half). But hey at least now I (and you too!) know - Dr. Pepper does NOT contain any form of Prune Juice. It is NOT one of the 23 flavors.

On a side note. If you would like to know what the REAL 23 flavors are...Good luck finding them out - according to Snopes:

The Dr. Pepper recipe is allegedly divided in to two parts, each of which is locked up in a separate Dallas bank so that no single person can ever been in possession of the whole formula.

Sounds like we got ourselves the basis for National Treasure 3!


berry said...

Dr. Pepper is definitely a national treasure.

Jim Jordan said...

Great post. I wonder where you get all those e-mail forwards from? *scratching scalp* Did you get the one where Bill Clinton pardoned Mohammed Atta and MA thanked us by flying the plane into the WTC? If you're a Democrat, Reagan is the one who pardoned him. The truth is that some unknown named Mohammed Abed Atta (different guy altogether) was part of a prisoner swap in the 80s. I was preparing an indignant response and thought, why bother? Instead of forwarding to 10 friends we should forward it back to the same guy who sent it...ten times. Is that a plan or what?

Dr. Pepper's unique flavor comes from fermented free-range dung beetle juice, by the way.:-)

III said...

Just going by the commercials, it looks like the ingredients might include cupcakes, cherry pie, and jelly beans

Justmatt said...

Jim - Gross
Phil - That's the Diet version
Berry - you are correct