Friday, June 20, 2008

Top 5 Friday!

Several months ago a few of us made up some fun and quite cool "Top 5 Concert" lists.

Cool 'Rents

I thought it would be fun and cool to do more "Top 5" lists - and to do them every Friday! I mean we already have most of the other days of the week covered:

Cool Chat Monday
Positive Post Tuesday
Watercooler Wednesday

Now we have TOP FIVE FRIDAY! I'll give you the topic - you make the list and link it back here! Make sure to add the link to this post on your post! Let's blow this thing up and get the weekend started right - 'cause its Friday and you aint got nothin' else to do.

Here is today's topic:

Top 5 sporting events attended

1. 1999 UF vs. UT when Alex Brown had like 1000 sacks
2. 1988 Gator football game - Getting to watch little known Emmit Smith work his magic (can't remember which one - I mean I was 11!)
3. 1995 SEC Championship Football Game - UF vs Ark
4. 1997 UF vs FSU - with Doug Johnson's huge pass to win the game
5. 1996 Gator Football Home Schedule - Can you really pick one?

Yeah, so it turns out I'm a little partial to the Gators....

Your turn. Ready? Go!


III said...

1. 1999 'Bama @ UF -- "The Stomp in the Swamp" -- 'Bama ends Gators' home-winning streak & ruins their #3 national ranking, winning in overtime 40-39.

2. 2005 U.S. Open Saturday & Sunday rounds at Pinehurst

3. '05 Braves/Marlins game where Andruw Jones hit a homerun & Smoltz pitched a complete game shutout.

4. Last Thursday -- extra innings Braves/Cubs game at Wrigley ended when a Braves pitcher plunked a Cubs batter with the bases loaded.

5. 1990 Sugar Bowl -- Alabama vs. Miami. Alabama ended up on the losing end & Miami was the eventual National Champion, but it was a cool game @ a cool locale.

Justmatt said...

I forgot you were a traitor!

Brad said...

I like this guy.

Here is mine:

1. 2005 Bama and Florida...31-3

2. 1997-1999...any U of Mobile vs Springhill college game

3. 2007 Bama vs Georgia (Bama lost, but it was a heck of a game)

4. Curry High School vs Haleyville ...our center made a jump hook at the buzzer to win the game.

5. 2003 Miami Heat vs New Jersey Nets for Zoe's first game back with the Heat.

Justmatt said...

Brad, Philip. Philip, Brad.

Now you guys can go discuss moonshine, trailers, belt buckles and what ever else there is to talk about in I am sure you are related...somehow.

P.D. Ross said...

1. (Has not happened yet, but will be my number 1) Yankees vs. Red Sox Aug. 26 2008

2.July 1987 Mew York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox First trip to Yankee Stadium

3. August 1988 Old Timers game Yankee Stadium, can you say Mantle?

4. 1998 NC state 3A Walter Williams High School Football Championship, My little brother winning the states

5. Numerous Greensboro Bat games when they were owned by the Yankees,
nothing better than watching Jeter, Petite, and Mariano come through your home town

Justmatt said...

PD! Welcome.
#1 sounds awesome as does #3. Roger Marris lived in my neighborhood as a kid. about a block away from my house. Just an FYI off of #3.