Friday, January 16, 2009

The Open Table

Donald Miller has a new project called The Open Table that he is getting ready to launch and it sounds pretty interesting. Here is the description from the site:

The Open Table: An Invitation to Know God is simply that – an open invitation for discussion about some of life’s greatest questions: what is Christianity, who is Jesus, and how should this affect our lives? Donald Miller, author of best-selling books Blue Like Jazz & Searching for God Knows What, invites you to join him in a conversation infused with humor, truth, history, and above all, honesty. Whether you have never opened a Bible or if you grew up reciting the Lord’s Prayer, the table is open to you.

Jump on over to the site and have a look. Then come back here and answer the question:

Would you be interested in a group like this if there were one in your area?


NSB Mom said...

I eould be interested.

Justmatt said...

Very cool NSBM!
Is there anything like this in NSB? Small groups from churches, etc?