Thursday, January 22, 2009

Destiny Calls - The Return of LOST

My Initial thoughts, theories, & questions from Last night's 2 hr season premier:


Wow! I love this show! The "time hopping" or "movements" were awesome. I can't wait to see how this plays out. How long will these "movements" last? Looks like Daniel's been hoping around the island a long time and that Desmond is the key to the whole puzzle!


Ms. Hawking is Daniel Faraday's Mom - who Daniel told Desmond to go and find during one of the "movements" of the Losties through time on the Island.


What was that box that Ben got out of the a/c vent in the hotel room?

Since Charlotte's nose starting bleeding - does this mean she is going to die - just like Minkowski? Or will Daniel help her find her constant?

Was that Christian Shephard behind the camera filming the Dharma video?

That is all I got! I am sure I will think of more so check back for updates over the next few days!

How about you? Thoughts, theories, or questions?


Chet & Anna said...

it's kind of blowing my mind right now, and i'm kind of teetering on the fear that it's leaving any sort of philosophical/science fiction realm for pure fantasy. but who knows, and i still love it.

as of now, i'm not sure why the island disappeared from the view of the helicopter if ben just began some sort of time shift. and why do the things they had with them move through time with them? too many questions, but i'm sure they'll all be resolved happily next week. ha.

Loren Eaton said...

Spoilers, be gone! Be gone, I say!

Justmatt said...

Chet - good thoughts.
Loren - sorry. Aren't you caught up now?

I will post later with some cool things I've come across at other blogs.


III said...

Who were those soldiers holding Sawyer & fertility chick hostage? What time period? Were they British? Aussie? Do they relate in some way to the formation of the Dharma Initiative?

I was also interested to actually see the dude from the Dharma videos in real life. He appeared high strung.

oh amanda said...

I forgot about Ben's box! Ooooo!