Saturday, January 31, 2009

LOST - Jughead - UPDATE

One great thing I've read is that Ellie - the girl with the gun on the Island is Eloise Hawking - who is also Faraday's mom! That is why she looked familiar to him. BAM! (side note - Eloise was also the name of Daniel's lab rat)

Last nights episode Rocked! One of the best yet!

A few good points I've picked up so far:

From the Lost Blog:

OK, now we've got at least one object that appears out of thin air. The compass. Locke hands it to Alpert in 1954. Alpert takes it along with him in, oh, 1964 when he visits the young Locke. Alpert gives it to Locke in, oh 2000(?) when he treats Locke's leg wound. Locke carries it back to 1954 where he gives it to Alpert, completing the circle. This compass was never manufactured and has no existence prior to 1954 or after the 2000(?) meeting. Can you see why I maintain the whole island may have a similar origin and fate?
Posted by: Cecil Rose

Egyptian leaders often came to power by killing their parent(s): Ben killed his father, and Locke (through Sawyer) killed his father.

When Ben told Jack to go home and pack belongings he wanted because he was never coming back. The Egyptian ritual was to bury possessions with the deceased to be used in the afterlife.
Posted by: welh

Remember Locke's dream? Theresa falls up the stairs/Theresa falls down the stairs? Like time going back and forth? Maybe she did not die but just incapacitated. Did Teresa's sister say sometimes she is here? and sometimes she is not? Time traveling in her mind? Could there be a connection there?
Posted by: berkyo

I'll be back with my thoughts soon.

What did you think of last nights episode?
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Melanie said...

So, this really isn't a comment about Lost (if you can believe it, I only watched half of the first season and decided to quit), but I wanted to comment on your comment on my blog.

After I turned around on the interstate and wiped my tears, I actually thought of Amy's blog post about her tears after your daughter lost a tooth while jumping on a trampoline (I think that was it...). I don't know why that popped in my mind, but I remembered in and thought very similar thoughts as Amy did during her shananigins with your kids.

It's funny what the mind does, especially in times of craziness.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :-) I hope you all are well!

Angie said...

Jack's (well, Matthew Fox's) fake beard is horrible. I especially can't stand the 'stoned voice' (...we havs ta go bahck, Kate). Hurley is now my favorite character. Some of the "Pop-up Video" facts are questionable. Libby was Hurley's girlfriend?!?!? That's a bit of a stretch.