Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1 Weekend. 2 Movies

The Mrs. and I had the pleasure of seeing TWO movies this weekend! In the theater! That is like, more movies seen in a theatre then we saw in all of 2007! The first, Horton Hears a Who, was with our little ones and was great for a family movie. Funny, great animation, and one liners provided by my youngest. Like:

Half way through the movie:
Mom! (there is no whispering with this one)
Yes Chloe
How we gonna get outta here?! (A valid question for a 3 yr old)

A few moments later:
Yes Chloe
This is too loud
You're Too Loud! (both
Amy and I at the same time)

As for the second movie - Iron Man - is a must see in the theater. I went in to this knowing nothing of Iron Man. (I am more a Batman kinda guy). But the story was excellent. The special effects were mind blowing but not inconceivable (there were no - "that could never happen" moments). It was directed by Jon Favreau and he did an excellent job. It was also the role that Robert Downey Jr. was made to play. It is nice to see him back and cleaned up.


cool dad said...

i keep hearing great things about Iron Man. congrats on a weekend at the theater! i'll probably end up renting it.

Justmatt said...

Thanks CD! It was a very rare occurance...the stars were aligned or something...