Friday, May 9, 2008

Does it Pay to Ignore the "Voice of Warning"

WOW - that is all I can say about last night's episode. Here is my brief run down of the "blast from the past" we saw last night:

Questions Raised:

  • What was with the creepy test that Alpert gave young Locke?
  • Is Alpert John's real father?
  • Why is John special? (able to survive all those infections and Pneumonia as a preemie)
  • Why did Abaddon say that John would "Owe him" the next time he sees him?
  • Does the picture John drew as a child mean that he has seen the Smoke Monster before?
  • Is the creepy old comic book a clue? (thus the title of this post)
  • Is with Sawyer where "the baby where he is supposed to be" As Christian states?
  • What is up with Clair being all calm in the Cabin?
  • Is Horace Jacob? I mean he did build the cabin...

That's it! Let's discuss!

Oh FYI - Jorge Garcia (Hurley) has a blog that is pretty cool/funny - have a look

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oh amanda said...

Responded to you on tdb, too...

That test was important, I'm you think child-Locke somehow knew which one he was "supposed" to choose, so chose the knife instead? You know, "You can't tell me what to do!"

I didn't think about Aaron "supposed" to be with Sawyer...makes sense with last week's "You're not supposed to raise him..."

Claire? OMG. FREAKY.

cool dad said...

i think that Richard was sent to see if Locke was ready or destined to become their leader. but then Locke chose the knife (the wrong answer) and then Richard was upset by this.

Locke is special because the Island doesn't want him to die, just like Michael can't be killed right now. I imagine it's because the Island knows it needs Locke to save it.

III said...

This show has more loose ends to tie up than a class full of kindergardeners' shoes.

I suspect that the correct answer to Locke's test was ANYTHING but the knife. And he chose the knife. That appears to be something instinctive to him, as he packed that big box full of knives on the plane trip.

Some of these people have to aliens, angels, or demons, or something. Maybe the island is the Garden of Eden (a place of eternal living, but no procreation), and Widmore & Linus are caught up in some game like God & Satan in Job 1.

I dunno man. Great writing if they've had all of THIS planned out from the very start.

Justmatt said...

Phil Duddly - Welcome aboard! Good thoughts! The writers claim that they've had the begining and the end planned since the begining...does that make since?

Casey Muller said...

I think that any young boy would want to have the knife and the compass. Maybe Richard was testing to see if John was "any young boy."

Claire didn't seem like herself. Maybe she's dead, like Christian.

Justmatt said...

I agree. Claire is dead.