Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Seems that the whole concept of LOST comes down to this book...Click Here for the best review of last weeks episode I have seen. Great Theories, Great questions - just great.

One thing that jumped out to me was: Does the fact that the smoke alarm was going off in Jack's office during the flash foward just before he sees his 'dead' father mean that Christian is indeed 'Smokey'? (Smoke makes fire alarms go off) Just a thought.

What did you think? What is Aaron's role in this whole 'game'?


Chet Harvey said...

yea i liked that blog you linked to a lot. it caught a lot of stuff that i missed.

was the smoke alarm going off? i thought it was just making one of those 'low battery' sounds.

Justmatt said...

Good point...Hmmmm I think you are right. But the fact that it was a smoke alarm I think is reference to 'Smokey'

Chet Harvey said...

Ahh.. gotcha. I have to be honest and say I'm probably the last person on earth to actually pick up on all the mirroring stuff that happens. It flies right by my brain.

anna naranja said...

hi matt,

a friend of mine pointed me to your page because of the kind words you said about my blog. i'm so glad that you and chet enjoyed it!

if you are ever in the mood to read more, besides finishing the season off at The ODI and Dark UFO, i have my own blog going at thefourtoedfoot.com where i plan to write additional articles during the hiatus.

hope to see you around again!


Justmatt said...

Anna - thanks for dropping in! I will be chiming in on the new blog! Keep up the great work.