Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's All Fun & Games Until Somebody Loses a Daughter...

As our good friend Hurley says - "Australia is the key to the whole game..."

I was out of town last weekend and wasn't able to comment on last weeks episode. By now you have scoured the Internet and have it all figured out - so I wont bore you with the details - just some random thoughts and questions:

* It seems that our friends Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore are engaged in quite the little game - but upon the death of Ben's 'Daughter' the rules seemed to have changed....WHAT RULES? What is the game? How is Australia key to the whole game?

* Did you notice Ben's parka when he 'awoke' in the desert? It had a dahrma logo we haven't seen yet on it - perhaps the fabled 'Orchid Station'? Also the name on the parka, Halliwax, was one of the aliases used by the good doctor in all of the orientation videos - NAMSATE!

*Speaking of waking up in the desert - when Ben awoke he vomited and what he vomited was orange in color. Is this the same liquid that Juliet had to drink in the episode "One of Us" before she was taken to the island? Is it necessary for 'time travel'? **Hat tip to
*As I pointed out in my earlier post - Ben has a secret door where he can release/control 'Smokey'! Did you notice the Hieroglyphics?! What do they mean? Are they any relation to the ones on the countdown clock in the original hatch? How does Ben 'control' Smokey? This interview with Michael Emerson sheds some good light on the subject and what it means/costs Ben to do so.

*The 'Island is in a different time' thing played out some more this week with the 'Good Doctor' from the Freighter washing up on shore - while the Freighter folks were saying he was alive and well...How is this anomaly going to affect the Losties when they get off the island?

*Why is everyone calling Hurley - Hugo now?

That's all I got! How about you? Thoughts? Any new questions to add to the List?


Amy said...

get to work. and nice use of the word "anomaly"

Justmatt said...

Done 'after hours' and thanks!

Chet Harvey said...

i haven't seen the episode from tonight yet, so i'm not up to date.

it seems that if jacob is some kind of grandmaster for whatever the struggle is between ben and charles widmore, then ben must have somehow appealed to him about charles breaking the rules, which is why jacob released the smoke monster.

and how weird is the time dimension on the island? i have no clue what's going on there. in one instance, when the ship shoots the rocket for daniel, the island seems to be behind regular time. but with the doctor washing up on the shore, the island seems to be in some sort of future time. maybe they dealt with this more tonight, but it's intriguing.

Justmatt said...

FINALLY! Welcome aboard Chet! Good thoughts....I didn't catch the switch from the island being behind time to being ahead of time...nice...crazy...No address of this tonight....perhaps next week!

I like the pleading to Jacob idea...I definitely think Jacob is the Grandmaster/rule keeper of the game...and I think Jacob is...Christian Shepard or Locke.