Friday, July 11, 2008

Top 5 Friday - Bonus Edition

Since TFF (Top Five Friday) took the holiday weekend off last week I thought I'd give you a double helping..

Call it peer pressure, call it trying to fit in or be hip....Call it what you want - I call it:

Top 5 trendy fashions/gadgets/etc. you fell prey to (try to not make these all start with an "i"):
1. Reebok Pumps - mine were blue and highlighter green - awe yeah!
2. Nike Pumps - the David Robinson version - you know the ones that came half way up your calves? they looked sweet with my green /black plaid shorts and black "button your fly" shirt!
3. Z Cavarricci - MC Hammer would have been proud!
4. Jams! - You know what I am talking about - the shorts that came way past your knees and were made of all the lovely 80s colors!
5. Super Mario Bros 3 - This is my one in the 'Gadget' category - being the original Gamer that I am - I made my dad wait in line at Toys R Us to get me this the day it came out.

Ready for Seconds? Grab the spoon and get a big helping of:

Top 5 trendy fashions/Gadgets/etc. you want NOW:

1. Air McFlys - awe yeah
2. iPhone 2.o
3. Mac Book
4. iPod Touch
5. Wii

Tech heavy... I know

Your turn. Post your list ON YOUR blog and link it back here in the comments.


filipe said...

iPhone and iPod touch??

Now I don't doubt the extant of your music library.. but I mean I'm sure you could fit all your favorites on your phone.

I'm sure you could fit more than just your favorites actually haha.

Justmatt said...

come on fil...if I got one I wouldn't get the other...Doesn't mean I can't want both.... ; ) Plus My music collection COULD fill both.