Friday, July 18, 2008

Top Five Friday - Super Edition

In honor of 'Batman - the Dark Knight' this weeks edition of TFF consists of:

Your Top 5 Super-Hero Movies! Here's mine:

1. Ironman
2. Batman Begins
3. The Incredibles
4. Batman (1989 with Michael Keaton)
5. Superman (The Original with Christopher Reeves)

Athough I am sure this list will change come Sunday - once I have seen the new Batman!

Your turn - GO!


filipe said...

The Dark Knight was so very amazing.

1. The Dark Knight
2. Iron Man
3. Batman Begins
4. The Hulk (New Edward Norton one)
5. Spider Man

MCC said...

I guess I really need to see Iron man huh?

I don't have a top 5, but I like...
Fantastic Four

Justmatt said...

Fil - I can't wait!

MCC-I went back and forth with Transformers and Spidey....but i just couldn't leave out the original superman...