Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On the road again

The fam and I are getting ready to hit the road once again. I hope to get some posts in while we are taking the mini-vacay. Until then, if you are a Lost fan - check out Anna from the ODI's new blog: The Four Toed Foot. IF you are not a Lost fan...then shame on you. Whats wrong with you anyways? Weirdo.

Photo cc: Pilou@ttitude


berry said...

nice touch at the end.

Mocha said...

WIERDO... lol You hit that nail on the head!

I'm off for my own little mini-vacay of less than 24 hours... I expect to be full y recharged and refreshed by the time I return! :-)

Justmatt said...

Berry - thx

Mocha - you deserve it..enjoy!